Monday, October 3, 2011

The Fate of the CC Club

The old CC Club is coming down. Gossips spoke this morning with Code Enforcement Officer Peter Wurster who confirmed that Kim Singletary had met her deadline on Friday, September 30, by submitting not a plan for stabilization but a letter acquiescing, on behalf of the Overcomers Ministries, to the City's intention to demolish the building and acknowledging that the cost of the demolition would be charged to the Overcomers Ministries. 

When asked if there was any chance the facade walls could be removed to see the condition of the structures beneath before the entire building was demolished, Wurster said that, with the exception of the church building, whose condition can be judged by its exposed western wall, there are no buildings underneath. (He told Gossips that the west wall used to have metal siding, but the siding was stolen in recent years when the building was vacant and abandoned.) Wurster maintained that the brick building on the corner, 259 Columbia Street, was demolished before the current CC Club was built, and there was no frame building at 257 Columbia when this building was constructed--something that Wurster said he thought happened in the 1960s. 

Gossips quest for information about the building and the CC Club continues.


  1. It is an absolute shame this building will be demolished.

  2. So all that windowless ugliness is not a cover but a design on purpose following the silhouette of what was but is no longer ?

    Most interesting .

  3. With all due respect to the history of the CC Club in Hudson; to Kim Singletary's Overcome Ministries; and to historic preservation itself: if there are no buildings under this facade- or none that can be saved at this point- tear. this. building. down. It is one of Hudson's many eyesores, and in such a prominent place. Tear it down and do something like what's being done in Detroit:

    If there were less buildings and homes in Hudson in need of "structural stabilization" let alone cosmetic overhaul, AND if more of them were on the tax rolls, AND if vacant land was being used as parks, gardens, even farms- our community could be even lovelier than it is in its decrepit state.