Saturday, October 29, 2011

DA and County Judge Races

Today's Register-Star has Audra Jornov's coverage of last night's debate between the two candidates for Columbia County District Attorney, Democrat Gene Keeler and Republican Paul Czajka: "Czajka argues leadership, Keeler change in debate."

If that doesn't give you enough information about these two, Jornov's articles based on the interviews with the two candidates were also published today: "Keeler is for a team approach" and "Czajka would be hands-on D.A."

Also in today's Register-Star are Jornov's interviews with the two candidates for Columbia County court judge: Democrat Richard Koweek--"Koweek has experience arguing and hearing cases"--and Republican Beth Cozzolino--"Cozzolino would bring 26 years in law to bench."    

1 comment:

  1. Pam changed her tune when the good Judge Paul gave her the goodies every lawyer dreams of,
    the appointments.
    The foster audit was bogus because the real bad ones were appointed as relatives and were therefore left out of the audit.These included a women free on bail from another state (she was listed as the mother even though she was not), a man arrested many times but listed as the uncle.later arrested for having sex with some of his charges served 4 days and the county paid his lawyer,and a working girl, she must a been good.And to show
    that our senior citizens were not forgotten they were given to the highest or most connected bidder.( did you know they can take away your rights on the say so of a nondegreed person with out notification of the victim.
    All of this is hard on paper not gossip
    Mr Keeler has his problems but dang he tries to do the right thing as a republican and friend of the late great repub judge warren I will vote for Keeler for DA