Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HCSD Board Vacancy

There's a vacancy on the Hudson City School District Board of Education, and HCSD is seeking to fill it. Those interested should send a letter of intent to: Frieda Van Deusen, Clerk of the Board, Hudson City School District, 215 Harry Howard Avenue, Hudson, NY 12534. The letter must be submitted no later than November 9, 2011.

Candidates will be asked to speak to the board at a meeting on November 14, 2011, and respond to a list of questions. Those questions may be requested from the Clerk of the Board prior to the meeting by calling 828-4360, ext. 2100. It would seem that it is not necessary to have submitted a letter of intent before requesting the list of questions. 

The Board of Education is currently made up of the following six members: Jeri Chapman, Elizabeth Fout, Kelly Frank, Peter Merante, Peter Meyer, and Peter A. Rice. Meyer, who has served on the school board since 2007, makes this appeal to people who are concerned about the quality of our schools: 
Every time there is a board opening, there is a chance of improving our schools, however slight.

Being on the board is not, as you all probably know, an easy thing, nor, much of the time, is the business done in a hospitable environment. But it remains one of the most important jobs in government--educating our kids. Even if you throw your hat in the ring JUST to address the school board about what can/should be done--it's a butterfly flap and will make a difference.

If you want public service, this is it! The kids need YOU!

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  1. Carole et al,

    I should ad that the position being filled will only last until May -- so, if you don't much like it, you can gracefully bow out.

    If anyone wants to contact me directly, please do so: pbmeyer@verizon.net.