Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Say Cheese

A message posted yesterday on the Grazin' website indicates that the diner will "no longer be offering blue cheese from Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery." Blue cheese was the only product the diner purchased from this source.  


  1. I commend Dan Gibson and his son-in-law Chip for their quick response to Monday's post on Gossips about Rose Marie Belforti, the cheese maker and town clerk who refused to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple. She also believes that homosexuality is a sin. We can all live without blue cheese from such a narrow minded person.

  2. Score Gossips!!Columnist Osterink has "first animal welfare approved resturant in United States "Vet their blue Cheese maker.
    Chesse maker OUT!
    because cheese maker made her religious beliefs known publicly by unlawfully
    in her tax paid duty as town clerk,pick and choose who she would issue marriage licenses to. Does she still have that job?
    Cool,now,can you please have Nick Haddad VET Peter Wuster for picking and choosing for whom and when he enforces his tax paid appointed duty as Bldg.Inspector,so I can vote for Haddad or take him off my Menu.

  3. I'm very pleased with their decision. She has the right to make cheese, and I have the right to boycott her bigotry. I'm glad I can eat at the diner without supporting her.

  4. So the only opinions that seem to count on this blog are the ones that agree with your point of view. Pretty narrow minded for such openminded people, don't you agree? And why is Rose Marie Belforti narrowed minded, just because her views do not correlate with others on this blog?

    I find it amazing that in this world of so called "open minded people" your mind is shut tight to those who's views do not agree with your own. You are just as closed minded as the people you condemn. This world is one large politically correct mess. People are allowed to be who they want whether you agree with them or not. Time to grow up people!

  5. Belforti's a bigot because she's bigoted, by her own admission. She actively sought to use her public office to discriminate against people with a different orientation than her own. That's the only close-minded view here.

    Does Mark D. also believe that restaurant owners should have been allowed to serve Whites Only? Was denouncing that bigotry close-minded, or just telling the truth about an ugly chapter in our history?


  6. Tolerance requires that we respect her opinion, not that we like it or that we ignore it when we do business with her. She's free to do business only with heterosexuals if her religious beliefs are that strong. My own beliefs are strong enough that I choose not to purchase or consume her cheese -- no matter how ambrosial it may be: I find her beliefs objectionable but that's not why I make this decision; I make it because, as Sam points out, she sought to use her position of relative power to deny citizens their legislatively-given rights.

    I tolerate her; I don't support her.

  7. To Mark D. Maybe I should not have used the term "narrow minded", but if a person refuses to do the job they hold, then maybe she should have resigned her position, rather than using it to deny this same-sex couple the marriage license they had a right to request. So maybe she's not "narrow minded", but she certainly is a bigot and should be relieved of her position so she won't have to ever issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

  8. For an elected official in the United States government paid by tax payers, be it at Federal,State ,County,City ,Town,or Village level, it is never expectable or legal to not preform your government job description by law,for whatever reason,say like payoffs,favors,or because you do not believe in a law.If you are a cop,that thinking can be fatal to the people who pay you.If you murder a doctor who has the legal right to preform abortion,because you don't believe in it,you are not off the hook.
    ,even if those enforcing the law may privately,silently agree with you.If a Town Clerk wants to believe the world is flat,well stupid isn't a crime,but if the town clerk won't issue marriage certificates to people who believe the world is round, and says so,then she is not only not doing her job,she is breaking the law .So quit. Go make your Cheese,and be careful not to fall off the edge of the earth.
    Separation of Chuch and State.One would think this would all go without saying,and Town Clerk who makes Cheese on the side or the other way round,would have Quit in protest, the minute a law was passed, that because of her such strong Beliefs, she could no longer preform her tax paid, elected duty in good conscience and then, she could have exercised her 1st Amendment Rights to campaign for repeal of that law on her own time,with her Cheesemaker money.She can't have it both ways.
    I suspect she wants her beliefs, her little power and her little town clerk check too.
    The upside is ,because of her 1st Amendment Rights,Columnist Osterink made citizens(customers) and a business owner aware and caused the most effective ,legal protest, there is.Get them in their wallet.Boycott or the fear of it.Cheesemaker was fired next day after Osterink's article by Business owner.Why,?Cheesemaker's self advertised beliefs interfering with duty as town clerk; clashed with his advertised mission statement in his store window.His beliefs.Welcome to the private sector,Cheesemaker.
    Unfortunately,an elected official,cannot be fired on the spot.Only pressured to resign(like a pending law suit or threat of indictment), be Recalled or at a higher level ,Impeached.They can be very hard to get rid of.Moral of story. Get out and vote ,but vet who you vote for,even at the lowest,most seemingly benign level.