Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Grief, Greenport

There's been a new development in the ongoing controversy about dogs in the Greenport Conservation Area. According to an article in today's Register-Star, the Greenport Town Board passed a resolution in September recommending that all dogs--leashed or unleashed--be banned from the Greenport Conservation Area: "Resolution encourages total dog ban at CLC's Greenport lands." 

The resolution reportedly refers to dogs walking through the property as a "health hazard and threat to residents surrounding the Greenport Land Conservation area." Peter Paden, Executive Director of the Columbia Land Conservancy, which manages the conservation area, disagrees with the recommendation and is particularly displeased with the fact that it was passed in his absence.    


  1. I have regularly taken Bella and Charley to this conservation area. We have never seen any dogs out of control or misbehaving in any manner.
    When I asked recently how many individuals had complained, there seemed to be no knowledge of the source or volume of complaints.
    I am beginning to think this may be the result of just one or two complainers.
    If dog lovers do not speak up, this wonderful resource will be lost for good.

  2. Thanks R. Rasner! and so will contributions to Columbia Land Conservancy - maybe they don't need the money. Shame on them for this absurd vote against dogs. Does anyone need to be reminded that this property was formerly a dairy farm with cows, horses, dogs, cats, coyotes, fox and assorted other domestic and wild animals. Complaints indeed - hogwash! Ruth Moser

  3. My experience at the Greenport Conservation Area, with or without Lulu, has been completely different from that of R. Rasner. On every visit, there is at least one dog unleashed and one that is barely under control. Dog poop lines the trails. I spoke informally with one CLC staff member about this and we agreed that there is a problem, and the problem is humans who have a massive sense of entitlement—because their dog exists, it deserves to run free. Yes, Lulu is always on a leash, and I always clean up after her. She's my responsibility, no one else's.

  4. Ruth--Don't punish CLC. They didn't vote. This isn't what they want. It was the Greenport Town Board that passed a resolution recommending that dogs be banned. I expect CLC's position is that they want people to follow the rules they've established and keep their dogs on leashes.

  5. OK. Fie on Greenport then. I have taken Boy-Boy there and have seen other dogs on leashes and no attendant problems. Much better to know that CLC was not involved in such a plan.

  6. I must walk on different trails than Ms. Meyer.