Thursday, October 20, 2011

For William's Friends

William is home and doing well. He's a little groggy, more than a little annoyed with me, and deeply humiliated because he has to wear what vets like to call an "Elizabethan collar" for twelve days, until the sutures come out. (If you see him on the street, pretend you don't notice the collar.) I thought of publishing a picture of him with the collar but, to spare him the embarrassment, decided to let another William, wearing an actual Elizabethan collar, stand in for him. 


  1. Glad to hear William is doing well! There is such a thing as an inflatable collar if the vet
    would let him wear one. Anyway - Feel Better Mr. William. From Ruth and Boy-Boy!

  2. Hey William. Great to hear all went well!
    And about the cool outfit.. you are the envy of Warren Street.
    Very cool indeed.
    Bella and Charley

  3. If it makes William feel any better tell him they make similar collars for pet rats to wear after surgery (spay/neuter usually) and they look even sillier that a handsome dog. :D Sorry, I couldn't resist the comment. Hope William does well.

  4. Lampshade man! He'll thank you in the end.

  5. Bonjour Guillaume, ca va? Je suis tres heureux que vous etes en bonne sante et aussi tres chic..
    Bisous de France. I write presuming that dogs know all languages.