Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watching 255-257 Columbia Street

Last Thursday, on October 6, Mayor Rick Scalera was quoted in the Register-Star as saying that the City intended to move forward with its plan to demolish the old CC Club at Columbia and Third streets "beginning on either Monday or Tuesday." When Gossips last checked--at approximately 11 a.m. today--there was no evidence that the demolition had begun. 

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  1. I saw the Mayor at the Hudson High Homecoming football game last night and we had a heartfelt sideline chat about the CC Club between roaring rain showers. I asked him what I had asked in comment on Gossips: "What's the rush?" He said, "the place is falling down." And he preceded to describe, in some detail, the structural damage to the building caused by water infiltration. He then offered, "There's a stack of code enforcement violations this big [hand-gestures indicating at least six inches] to the owner." I said, "You should have gotten together with Historic Hudson early on in this process to try to work out some deal that might have prevented the deterioration and preserved the building. We can't wait until the last minute, when it's too late, and tear our historic buildings down. It's simply not good for the community." I wasn't quite that articulate and probably wasn't speaking in full grammatical sentences, but that was the gist of what I said. So, I urge the mayor, as I did last night, to show us the stack of code violations and give our historic preservation experts a chance to see what's behind this most bizarre of building facades before we lose another piece of our heritage. What's there to lose?