Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Just In . . .

At the informal meeting of the Common Council last week, Council President Don Moore said he expected that the GEIS findings statement would be ready for the Council's consideration at tonight's meeting. At that time, he said he hoped to get the document to the aldermen by the weekend, so they would have time to read it before the meeting.

Gossips has just learned that the aldermen have yet to see the findings statement, which is reported to be twenty pages long, and it is expected that Cheryl Roberts, who wrote it, will be introducing the document to the Common Council and summarizing its content at tonight's meeting, which takes place at City Hall at 7 p.m.     


  1. I would expect that a majority of the Council members will take umbrage with this lack of respect for their responsibility in this regard and refuse to approve -- or, better, block any vote on -- anything so complex with absolutely no time for review. At least I'd like to thing that they'd do so. I guess we'll find out tonight.

  2. Certainly, the Council should take umbrage had that been the plan. It was not. The Council has not seen the Statement and had it been introduced and discussed it never was my intention to introduce the Findings Statement and to ask for a vote on it the same evening. I had considered discussing the Statement tonight and was going to schedule a special meeting for mid to late next week for the consideration of a Resolution of approval.

    In addition, the FGEIS Findings Statement will not be presented this evening.


  3. I should have prefaced my initial comment w/ "If this is in fact the plan . . . " Sorry for jumping to conclusions, Don.