Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not to Be Missed

Sam Pratt comments on his blog about Common Council President Don Moore's defense of the LWRP and GEIS: "Politician gives himself a gold star." The image reproduced here is from Pratt's blog and provides a hint about what he has to say about Moore's attempt to "place a gauzy halo over a Plan that has gotten weaker with each revision that he’s overseen. . . ."    


  1. I wonder what is the motivating force behind people like Linda Mussman and Don Moore to take a one hundred eighty degree switch from their former selves... ?

  2. It is a relief to know that these other groups are able to submit their "considerations" (the process allows no further "comments") to the Lead Agency and Department of State.

    If the task of submitting our own considerations proves too onerous for the Task Force, it will be owing to the last, and quite substantial GEIS "edits," which were released 5 days before the Common Council was rushed to a vote to accept the GEIS as final.

    To be extremely fair, perhaps Common Council President Moore simply believed the Mayor's attorney when she instructed the Council that the changes were mostly minor edits that didn't merit attention. Probably most aldermen believed her, having learned nothing after years of this attorney's dominant and distorting role in the waterfront revitalization process.

    But if the Department of State issues a negative Findings Statement and the document is returned to the City for repair yet again, the fault this time must be placed squarely on Mr. Moore's shoulders. Do not let what just transpired be spun differently later on.

    By the time the state finishes its work, we will have a new administration and hopefully more of a public servant in our attorney* with to correct the oversights which the half-blind Mr. Moore was so hell-bent on ratifying.

    (*Roberts still won't say whether she accepted compensation or gifts from O&G, nor will she provide even a general date on which the 2/13/09 CSXT letter was first made known to the Lead Agency. Not surprisingly, there isn't anyone on the Council, in City government, the HPD or the DA's office who will ask her about these things. Business pretty much as usual in the vortex of Hudson, probably since the mid-19th c.)

  3. Wasn't it Thomas Dewey who said after digging into corruption in Hudson that the city officials should be subject to "permanent investigation?"