Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Third Ward Battle

Today's Register-Star has interviews with the two candidates for Third Ward Supervisor: Ellen Thurston and Glenn Martin. According to Tom Casey's account, Thurston--three term alderman and vigilant observer of what's going on at the county level, especially as it pertains to tourism and economic development--questioned "whether being a retired police chief was enough to be a supervisor." Some of Martin's reported comments make one wonder if he actually knows who his opponent is. His disparaging references to authorizing the mayor to "negotiate the sale of property that is not for sale" and prioritizing "bringing a dog park into Hudson"--two initiatives for which First Ward Alderman Sarah Sterling gets the credit--makes one wonder if perhaps Martin thinks he's running against Sterling not Thurston.     

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  1. You might also wonder if Martin knows what position he's running for, given his comments about Hudson-specific issues that are not in the domain of our representatives to the Board of Supervisors.