Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Morning Reconnaisance

This morning, shortly before 9 a.m., I walked Warren Street from Seventh Street to Second Street. In the 500 block, I noticed "the boot" in use--the first time I'd seen it in Hudson--installed on a car parked across the street from City Hall. 

As I made my way, gazing at shop windows and enjoying the morning, I was struck by the number of businesses displaying Haddad for Mayor signs. The lone Hallenbeck sign--at least the only one I saw--was displayed in the window at American Glory.

When I got to the 200 block, I rewarded myself for having made the trek and consoled myself for having to do it alone (the beloved William is at the animal hospital for minor surgery and will be back this afternoon) with a ginger raisin scone from Cafe Le Perche. Delicious!


  1. Hopefully Hallenbeck will be as successful as American Glory has been on the corner of Warren and 5th Streets. Maybe he'll receive as many votes as American Glory has had customers there?
    I think I once spotted somebody sitting at one of the picnic tables. Don't think the person was eating, just reading a paper.

  2. Best wishes for William's speedy recovery and return to his usual routine.

  3. Good health to William from Bella and Charlie.

  4. Sending best wishes to William and hopes for a speedy recovery!