Friday, October 19, 2012

A Press Release Gossips Missed

Gossips is not on the Galvan Initiatives Foundation's media list, so it was pure serendipity that this press release, dated October 16, was discovered this morning on the Foundation's website, announcing what Galvan is calling its "New Environment Initiative and Tree Planting Program":
Galvan Foundation announces an initiative to enhance the quality of life for Hudson residents through projects and programs that improve the environment. The Foundation's Environment Initiative builds on past Galvan tree planting efforts with a renewed commitment to plant 30 trees every planting season. The Foundation is reaching out to property owners and City officials to identify tree locations for the Fall round of planting. The Foundation will work with local youth organizations to create an environmental education program that gives youth an opportunity to take part in the planting process.
The program coordinator for the Environment Initiative is Margaret Eaton, and people are encouraged to email her for more information and also presumably to suggest places where trees should be planted.


  1. I do not get these people,at all. They cut down heritage trees every chance they get and now they want to start a tree planting program.Why?Does Galloway only like "new" trees?The Foundation mission statement makes a big noise about affordable housing,kicks out tenants, warehouses apt.buildings for years left in deplorable vacant condition and thier only focus is Homeless Shelters ,that do not exist,to be built in already struggling neighborhoods.All they have produced is 3 expensive rentals on Union Street.
    They base thier foundation on Doris Duke Foundation.,and then proceed to gut and Disneyfiy the most famous National Historic native son's birthplace in Hudson.General Worth House and despite the
    capable skill Galloway
    hired at a National
    Registered Historic Home to restore at 414 Warren,
    Galloway insists ,without HPC
    to put shiny black slate on
    Mansard roof instead of restoring its one of its
    distinguishing feature of multi colored patterned slate.Galloway et al
    have bought up many Historic Blds of importance,which immediately puts them and thier trees on the endangered list. grand opening of Martial Arts school at Register Star building
    Galloway just bought.$100 a month "opening special" a month
    for kids to join.Yet the martial arts program for
    kids at Youth center is being Cut.Why Doesn't GalVan give money to youth center,and pay professionals to plant trees and tend to the living ones.
    I would be happy if GalVan would just sign a Norquist type commitment,to stop all future projects ,til they have completed what they have started,staying within the LAW specially HPC and NYS Building Code.Fix every sidewalk in front of everyone of their properties by Hudson Bldg,Code.and leave every existing TREE alive,some that are well over a 100 yrs old,that he hasn't cut down already.
    on his properties.
    Hudson will do just fine,if GalVan would quit"helping"us Just finish thier
    own projects ,that would be helpful.

  2. Before the program takes off, it would be advisable for residents to discuss a comprehensive design approach to this offer. (Full disclosure: I won't be needing any trees.)

    If the offer devolves into a higgledy-pigglety tree grab, the program will be well underway before the rest of the community can exert any positive pressure on what tree species the city will be assigned.

  3. GalVan doesn't "assign" anything to CITY-that would be us. Regardless of who GalVan has bought and paid for...It's just another private non-profit. If the City wants to have a "Tree Program"-bring in up in Common Council. Enough, with this Crap.If GalVan would like to donate $,that's all it is.It dictates NOTHING TO US.I wouldn't take a cent from those creeps.

  4. Don't get all excitable.
    There's no mention what trees are available so it's safe to assume they will be providing those stupid fake pear bush/trees that don't last more than 50 years tops. Great Barrington had to cut all theirs down because the dense rotting branch structure prevented the firemen from assessing buildings. They aren't real trees that have any lasting merit, not unlike GalVans approach to Hudsons Historic Buildings Inventory.

    I was recently asked by someone outside of Hudson, "what ever happened to Eric as a child to hate trees so much?"
    Good question for his psychiatrist.

  5. Prison, the word "assigned" was chosen with care in jest.

    I totally agree with you now that it should be done through the council. Thanks for the good sense.

  6. Those "new " trees Galloway had poking everyone in the eye,til a private professional Gardener citizen voluntarily pruned them,as kids waited for school bus there, on N3rd side of 260 Warren-are all pulled up now and gone ,for Galloway's current demolishing N3rd St.Project

    I'm glad you were kidding Unheimlich.-as I am in a really bad mood concerning T.Eric-WTF-is he doing now-Galloway?

  7. And thus he is dubbed:

    Mr. "WTF?!"

  8. I believe Alderman Dave Marston (D-1st Ward) is working on a tree ordinance for the city.


  9. That's great news. I believe that Alderman Marston will be able to count on lots of support at the drop of a hat.