Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Amazing Discovery

Lisa Durfee, who has a considerable reputation for unearthing old images of Hudson, shared this photograph with me yesterday, which she found on eBay. She was seeking help in locating the scene pictured, and I was able to identify it as the backyard and south facade of 325 Allen Street. This has been confirmed by the house's current owners.

The picture, which is from a stereopticon card, was probably taken in the early 1860s. On the back of the card, the house is identified as the "Residence of G. French," who lived there until about 1863. Besides showing the original design of the garden and grounds, the picture provides a glimpse, at the far left, of the house that stood at 317 Allen Street before Morgan Jones built his medieval castle inspired mansion there in 1905.

Thanks to Lisa Durfee for allowing Gossips to share her discovery. 

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