Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hotel News

For the past few weeks, Gossips has been publishing posts about businesses that existed in Hudson in 1905. A century ago, there were no fewer than twenty-five hotels in Hudson, several located near the intersection of South Front and Ferry streets, near the train station and the boat landings. Today, with ten bed and breakfasts and guest houses that are typically booked months in advance, it is generally agreed that Hudson needs more hotel rooms, so the progress of the boutique hotel planned for 542 Warren Street has Gossips' rapt attention.

Last week, the hotel project achieved a milestone: the new owners, Duncan Calhoun and Russell Gibson, took possession of the building. They also announced the new hotel's name: The Barlow.  The name comes from the crest above the building's cornice, which gives the date of construction--1927--and the names of the building's original owners: Barlow-Osborn. 
Bob Godwin of Rondout Architects in Kingston, the architect for the project, is currently working to obtain the necessary permits so that interior demolition and construction can begin as quickly as possible. The first goal, according to Gibson, is "to get the framing and mechanicals for the elevator installed before the weather changes." 

Calhoun and Gibson have created a website for the hotel, where they plan to post updates on the renovation:    


  1. The link to their web site does not seem to work.

    -- Jock Spivy

    1. Jock--Although the website is mentioned in a press release, it isn't quite up and running yet. I checked with one of the proprietors of the new hotel, who told me that anyone wanting more information or to make a reservation (they already have several for weekends after their anticipated opening in mid-May 2013) should contact them through The Croff House website or by phone (518) 828-1710.

  2. Thanks Carole. They would be well served at least to have a placeholder page. I don't know why one would put a web site in a press release and not have a web site. Seems dumb. But I wish them luck.

    Columbia County still has a huge shortage of hotel rooms relative to nearby places like Greene and Berkshire Counties.

    -- Jock Spivy