Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 43

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

S. W. HALLSTED--(Successor to the Hudson Root Beer and Soda Water Manufacturing Company.) 355 Warren street. Telephone 133-R. This business has been established for over twenty-five years, and was placed into the management of Mr. Hallsted in 1902, who since has given it a very thorough overhauling, introducing improvements where he thought they were necessary, and soliciting a greater trade. The goods now placed on sale by this house cannot be questioned upon any point whatsoever in regard to their quality. It is unexcelled. A large number of the dealers in this and the surrounding town handle the root beer and the soda water from Mr. Hallsted's, and find them one of the chief sources of income. Root beer is made in the old-fashioned manner, thus preserving in it the old-time vigor and life that used to cause the lips of our grandsires to smack with joy. In addition to the sale of mineral water, a full line of tobaccos, pipes and cigars is handled. All orders are delivered promptly. 

355 Warren Street today--Dogs of Hudson

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  1. Theres a wonderful Roles (sp) Studio photo of this building with large lettering painted all over the facade.