Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 65

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

A. A. LOOMIS--Dealer in Fancy and Staple Groceries. Corner of North Seventh street and Park Place. Columbia Phone 150 Trading at the store where you get full value for your money is the place to go. This fact is exemplified by glancing at the success of the grocery business conducted by Mr. Loomis. The store has had only about one year's start, but has already taken its position among the prominent concerns of this kind in the city. Three employees are engaged to take care of the trade, and the best of attention is given to all phases of the business. Mr. Loomis deals in staple and fancy groceries on a considerable scale, buying at the best market prices and giving his patrons the benefit thereof. An important specialty is made of flour and provisions, as well as country produce, vegetables, etc. All orders are given the promptest attention, and deliveries are made to any section of the city.  

The location of A. A. Loomis today--Photographics Solution
Gossips Note: The address given for A. A. Loomis in Illustrated Hudson presents a problem. There is no corner of North Seventh Street and Park Place; the two streets are parallel to each other. The Hudson directory for 1905 is no help either. It gives the address for A. A. Loomis as 702 Warren Street--an address that doesn't exist. So the building at the corner of Warren Street and Park Place is our best guess.

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  1. The 1900 census has Alfred Loomis, born February 1860 New York, living at 26 Park Avenue. He is listed as a day laborer. In 1910/1915 he is living on Columbia Street and his occupation is coachman/livery.