Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our View, Our Mistake

There's an editorial in today's Register-Star complaining about the missing sidewalk adjacent to a building owned by Galvan Partners but carefully exonerating Galvan of any blame in the matter: "OUR VIEW: Delay creates much more than an eyesore." Unfortunately, they got the address wrong: the building is at 260 Warren Street not 206.


  1. I have already had plenty to say about this.
    Register Star article
    "A sidewalk stalled"
    Fri Oct 5, 2012
    on Gossips of Rivertown - post
    An Explanation Offered
    Thursday, October 4, 2012,
    so I won't repeat myself.
    260 Warren St,has been an eyesore and a menace to me and my neighbors for the last six years I lived here
    for a laundry list of violations.
    This is on 23B/9G-Gateway to Hudson.also N3rd ST.
    I have gone to battle over it for years now,
    with Galloway and City, way too much to get into here.
    Galloway has made me regret buying my home or moving here.
    This latest R.S. article is just ridiculous.
    I asked the DPW guys last week that were fixing a hole on other side of N3rd
    Who was the Plumbing contractor's Galloway.
    had laying Gas ,water and who is laying electrical lines?
    I wanted to make sure ,that the taxpayers were not.
    DPW worker gave me Contractor's name and assured me-it was all Galloway, not them
    SO-Who is the Structural Engineering Company on this job?Where are the drawings-the permits?
    I do not want to deal with FOIL and that Bldg.Dept of ONE
    or Scalera-Galvan Employee and BOS-5 and ex Mayor
    ever again.I do not have the time or energy.
    They become a full time job and the threats and abuse is not tolerable
    Suddenly a 4week job in JULY-is held up in OCTOBER
    by a pole? So much crap,always.So it's National Grid and Verizon's fault.
    It scares me that these morons are laying GAS,electrical lines,next to my house.What about the sewers?they rundown hill twoards me.God knows what shape they are in.That's going to be apts and stores or a restaurant eventually.
    These streets they are digging 6 to 8 ft holes into, were man made over 200 yrs ago.
    Its hollow. under there.Between 3rd to 4th on Warren was first a bridge and then fill,over a gully.
    The slope down from Warren to Columbia is man made.
    I'm going to have to skip Hudson City Civil Servants ,I pay for, AGAIN.
    This takes NYS Agency's that know what they're doing and the LAW,to deal with them.It's the only thing that's worked before.
    I can't stand the new R.S.,so I don't leave comments
    which I should.

  2. The plastic sheeting that covers the windows of that building at Third and Warren waves in the wind and looks terrible. This has nothing to do with National Grid, but Galvan's slovenly practices.

    There seems to be a lot of finger pointing.

    The City needs to intervene, get National Grid to do its job and insure the safety of pedestrians who can't use a torn up sidewalk by a truck route. If Galvan is found to be dilatory, they should be fined for every day the condition and appearance of this building and the adjacent sidewalk is an eyesore or a danger.

    The City tends to look the other way. Galvan has dozens of other rotting eyesores around the City, so this example is not somehow oddly anomalous. Galvan has demonstrated that it is a petulant, sloppy and careless organization that practices neglect and caprice, at OUR expense.

  3. That plastic sheeting was put up a year ago-Sept. after a big fight with Donald Moore and City.,to cover up missing and broken windows,as they were gut demoing with no permit, which then suddenly appeared and job was shut down.The reason its shredded is because its covering broken shards of glass.Much was on street level.Toxic debris and glass was falling on the heads of kids waiting at bus stop and blowing through the neighborhood.You have no idea what a fight ,just that took.
    the sidewalks were unwalkable then.Never shoveled.Garbage stacked high in the alley.Never a ticket,ever.whats going on now snafu,for us.a POLE??.Please.