Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hudson Tweed Ride

The very first Tweed Ride took place in 2009 in England, where it was called Tweed Run. A group of cyclists rode through the center of London, on vintage bicycles, dressed in traditional British cycling attire, to re-create the spirit of a bygone era. The concept quickly leapt across the pond, and in the US, there have been Tweed Rides in such places as Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Dallas, Traverse City, and now Hudson. 

Organized by Lisa Durfee and Stephanie Monseu, Tweed Ride in Hudson started its 3.5 mile route from the foot of Warren Street, at the entrance to Promenade Hill, then headed upstreet and looped around both the south side and the north side of the city before coasting back down Warren Street to wind up at (p.m.) Wine Bar for celebratory libations. Gossips was there at the beginning to capture the attire and the spirit of the event. Perhaps unique to Hudson, the home of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, our Tweed Ride included folks on unicycles!

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