Monday, October 15, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Family Memories

Yesterday, the granddaughter of Frank K. Walsh, whose grocery store was subject of Part 38 of our "Hudson in 1905" series, contacted me to share some information about her grandfather and his store. Her comments confirm that the store was located where Gossips had deduced it was: on the northwest corner of Third and Diamond (now Columbia) streets. They also offer an interesting perspective on the Diamond Street days. 
Frank K. Walsh was my grandfather and was also the fire commissioner in Hudson. His wife, my grandmother, said that the prostitutes in the area were their best customers.  She said they always paid in cash and were very polite.  She said the more prominent people in town (doctors, lawyers, etc.) were the people that always ran up credit at the store, and they had to constantly ask them for payment. The store was on the corner of 3rd and Diamond Street on the site that became Nabozny Press. My grandmother was Belle Guertin, the daughter of Casimir N. Guertin who also was the proprietor of a grocery store at 345 Warren Street in the late 1800s. 
345 Warren Street today--Mary Mullane Real Estate

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  1. This to me is the Internet at its best.By Gossips writing these stories-you have become a history conjurer,of the most magical kind.A story like this one ,pulled out of thin air,or Dini's touching story about thier guest-a woman walking down 100 steps to have her children and him showing her a photo of the house,that she didn't have.Vincent has x-ray eyes to whats hidden behind old plywood,or what used to be there.lisa Dufree,finds hidden
    treasures,that provide clues ,for you to solve. Tales,family histories and knowledge are shared by so many that aren't in any books,but memories stirred by your stories..Carol ,you do Hudson such a great service,by your excellent reporting,but more than that,you give us this gift of your time and love for the details ,that make up the whole,that makes Hudson,so special. Thank-you.