Friday, October 19, 2012

News on the Senior Center

The bids for construction of the senior center were opened at City Hall this afternoon. When considering the bids, bear in mind that the City has $780,000 to spend on the project. 

There were six bids for the general contract, which ranged from $1,085,000 (lowest) to $1,278,000 (highest). There were seven bids for mechanicals and air conditioning, which ranged from $109,000 (lowest) to $214,134 (highest). There were eight bids for the electrical work, which ranged from $73,240 (lowest) to $109,000 (highest). Finally, there were four bids for plumbing and fire protection, which ranged from $46,000 (lowest) to $68,296 (highest). 

Adding together all the lowest bids yields a total cost of $1,313,240--$533,240 more than the City has to spend on the project. Layman's logic indicates that the project, which was expected to start next week, cannot go forward because the money isn't there to pay for it, but who knows what will happen?


  1. Shouldn't those numbers needed , be solicited before actual bidding process.That would effectively shown City,what they could build with $780,000 of the
    proposed design(which is already $200,000 over original budget, Donald Moore pushed for, to have elevator.),then redesign within budget or rethink project and look at adapted use of existing City owned properties,for that amount of money,which was discussed in the first place.Are we to assume that $780,000 is all in tact?Was the Architect and engineers studies and prior Crawford and Assoc.designs and studies,paid from ...where?
    Any TRUE,Licensed, building trades,and Structural Engineers, looking at that proposed project ,could have told "City" That $780,000,was not a realistic number,considering all ADA Mandates and being required to connect an elevator to Youth Center,that's in questionable structural condition,that was built 1854 ,whose foundation maybe well over 200 yrs old.,on 23B/9G Truck rte ,that sheer increase of weight and usage abuse-isn't making any sounder, by the day. What money is in any budget for shoring up that structure?
    The City spent $400,000+ on 2 locked bathrooms on Riverfront.They blew estimates on Water Treatment Plant and new Firehouse-by HOW MUCH?
    With the exception of a handful of knowledgeable,stand-up people,City Hall needs swept-Clean.

  2. Does this mean Karate for the Kids can come back into the alleged Boys and Girls Club now ???