Friday, October 26, 2012

An Image of the Past

Yesterday's post about the Raleigh Dining Room, which occupied a building at 520 Warren Street now gone, prompted Bob Rasner to send this quaint post card image of the building that replaced it in 1907, which is now City Hall, in its earliest days.


  1. Wonderful looking doors in the picture compared to the new ones that are currently installed on there now.

  2. I don't know much about clothing or clothing history . . . but are those 2 women in period clothes for 1907? Looks more 1880s to me -- can anyone shed light on this?

  3. It's way too much ankle showing ,for 1880..scandalous!Besides,the building wasn't there til 1907.Photos that were over color tinted,especially for postcards,unfortunately,tend to obscure details,so its harder to see the women's outfits. @ Steve Walsh.- I could not agree with you more."City" just blew a chance to replicate doors, with offers from experts to help find,but ignoring that and
    HPC code, just bullheadedly went ahead and installed, off the rack,single glass and metal door with arbitrary glass insets to fill up gaps :that swings illegally "IN" because of Narrow stoop, which would have been why they were double doors ,in first place.