Monday, October 29, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 63

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

E. VOLK--Dealer in Confectionery, Cigars, and Soda Water. Corner Front and Warren streets. This is a new enterprise in Hudson and one that is rapidly earning a well-merited success. Its enterprising proprietor well knows the needs of the community in which he is located, and has therefore launched this business in the efforts to accommodate the public in the lines in which he deals. The place is very neatly arranged, and the stock carried comprises everything in a well ordered business of this nature, a fine ice cream parlor being operated in connection with the main store. Mr. Volk is a business man who knows how to cater to the wants of his patrons, and in this respect is building up a very fine trade.

Corner of Front and Warren today
Gossips Note: The address given for Mr. Volk's business in Illustrated Hudson is simply "Corner Front and Warren streets." The Hudson directory for 1905 offers no further help. The choice of the southeast corner was based not only on the fact that there's a storefront there now that looks appropriate for a confectionery shop and ice cream parlor, but also on the historic photograph below, which shows the intersection of Warren and Front streets from the vantage point of the entrance to Promenade Hill. The building on the southwest corner is a residence, the building visible on the northwest corner is presumably some earlier configuration of an engine house addition to the Washington Hose Co. firehouse, and the building on the northeast corner (now missing) appears to be a residential building, like the adjoining buildings that survive today, and not a storefront. 


  1. Wardle Bros. was established in 1900 when Arthur Wardle graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy and formed a partnership w/ his Bro. that same year at 1-3 Warren St.
    The above is documented in the book Practical Druggist and Pharmaceutical Review of Reviews, page 278, dated July 1914.

    My guess is that E.Volk was located across the street at 2 Warren. I can remember a Mom & Pop store there in the late 1950's selling basic foods & beverages including sodas.

  2. The business at 2 Warren St. in 50's was Martin's Confectionary.

  3. I checked the 1900 census and there is an Emanuel Volk, born July 1838 Hungary living at 53 South Front Street. He is married, and he is listed again in 1910, but is now widowed living at 223 South Front Street

    1. 223 South Front? Are you sure? Basilica Hudson is 110 South Front.

    2. In 1900 it looks like 14 South Street is where he lived. He is buried in the Hudson City Cemetery (1838-1926).

  4. For what it is worth, when I googled E. Volk, Hudson, NY I found an earlier Gossips Part 8:

    "MENA HAHNE--(Successor to E. Volk.) Dealer in Groceries of all kinds. 14 South Front street."