Friday, October 26, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 60

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

F. A. STUPPLEBEEN--Dealer in Wagons, Carriages, Sleighs, Etc. No. 513-515 Diamond street. Telephone H. R. 1117-L, Col. 117. The above concern has been established for the past fifteen years, during which period a large and successful business has been built up. Mr. Stupplebeen is a man of extraordinary ability in carriage making, and will always be found in attendance at the shop. He knows a good vehicle when he sees it, and will handle none except the best manufactures of wagons, carriages, sleighs, harness, blankets, and robes. The premises occupied consist of two floors, each measuring 95 by 48 feet. His display of vehicles, etc., is always open to the public for inspection. A number of salesmen are on hand ready and pleased to show the goods. The trade of the house extends over a large portion of the State, and men are on the road representing the business. Mr Stupplebeen is also the agent for all kinds of rubber tires. He is a native of this city and one of the best know merchants.

Repository of F. A. Stubblebeen, Carriages and Wagons from Illustrated Hudson

513-515 Columbia Street today--Keegan's Antique Restoration & Custom Design
Gossips Comment: Comparing this building then and now presents a strong argument for the importance of fenestration to a building's design.

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