Saturday, October 6, 2012

Of Interest

There's a letter to the editor in today's Register-Star from a Fifth Ward resident on the topic of Rick Scalera's dual role as special adviser to the Galvan Initiatives Foundation and supervisor for the Fifth Ward: "Advisor supervisor." 

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  1. The letter is a simple enough. A plea which doesn't stray beyond the 5th Ward: Where are our services? Where is our representation?

    But Mr. Scalera's disregard for rules is incorrigible; his continuous taunting of ethics and decency is a problem for everyone in every ward (unless you're a Falkenheimer-like crony).

    Whether he's in office or out, Mr. Scalera will keep the reins that continue the old ways of doing business in Hudson. It is preferable if he's not an official at all, but even that won't matter much.

    Against the heavy influence of those old ways I see no leadership. I see no clear vision. Instead, the Democrats who are admittedly in the best position to articulate a healthy way forward for this city merely futz around at the edges, limping along on unforced errors and sustaining this interminable vacuum that afflicts us!

    Sadly for us, Mr. Scalera knows how to step into that vacuum because he's a natural leader. So we're stuck with him and we're stuck with ourselves.

    Of course residents can always shake up their leadership, but that would take resolve.

    Yeah, forget I mentioned it.