Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Bonus

On this rainy afternoon, I was in the History Room at the Hudson Area Library trying to track down a more precise location than "corner of Third and Diamond street" for a business coming up this week in Illustrated Hudson, N.Y. Looking through the Hudson Directory for 1905, I discovered this picture of 512, 514, 516, and 518 Warren Street in 1905, captioned "Baker Row" and showing this stretch of the 500 block before the bank building that is now City Hall was built.


  1. Why is the one owned by the realtor the most dilapidated ? I'm excited that Sara Falkner will be opening her holistic practice on th Row soon,she's a great addition to th alternative therapy scene

  2. Henry Hudson lived at 514 Warren in 1905. He gave away his wife's neice (Jane Atherton Wilson) to my great-grandfather (Charles Woodworth Clapper) on 14 June 1905 at this residence.