Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More About Schools

Billy Shannon of the Register-Star reports today that Thomas Gavin, principal of Hudson High School, is "on leave": "Gavin, high school principal, on leave." (The way Gossips heard it, the term used was "suspended.") There is no explanation of the reason for this action.

It will be remembered that two years ago there was strife between Gavin and Steven Spicer when they had the roles of "co-principals" at the high school. Spicer filed charges against Gavin for second degree aggravated harassment after an incident that took place in the hallway outside a Board of Education meeting in November 2010. Spicer eventually withdrew the charges, and the volatile situation was defused by making Spicer the principal of John L. Edwards Primary School and letting Gavin be sole principal of the high school. For us taxpayers contributing to Gavin's generous salary, which was $118,002 in 2011, the question can only be a slightly exasperated: What now? 

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  1. My now-unofficial perspective on Tom Gavin is that he is more suited to the Marine Corps than to traditional public education. This is not all bad, as much of traditional public education needs some unit cohesion and discipline; and he did a superb job running our Alternative Learning Program. His problem is that HHS is not the Marine Corps and collegial collaboration is more important than giving orders. --peter meyer (former member of the board).