Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back to South Front Street Again

Gossips' fascination with what was lost during Urban Renewal continues, and readers continue to satisfy that curiosity by sharing pictures of the way things were. This picture, which was taken around 1925, shows the building that once stood on the northwest corner of South Front and Fleet streets. (Fleet Street was the continuation of Partition Street west of Front Street and, until 1942, carried a bridge over the railroad tracks.)

This is how the building was described in the 1970 National Register application for the Front Street-Parade Hill-Lower Warren Street Historic District: "Three-story brick commercial and residential block, three bays wide on Front Street, seven bays wide on Fleet Street, flat roof, common bond brickwork, bracketed and paneled cornice, first floor store front."

The building immediately to the right of the building on the corner, seen again in this picture, was for many years the Germania Hotel

In 1925, the Arrowhead Store became Chipp's Market, a grocery store and butcher shop operated by Joseph Cipkowski and his wife, Anna Piast, until 1970. The picture below shows the interior of the stop when it was still the Arrowhead Store.


  1. Amazing photos!

    We'd never see them otherwise. Thanks.

  2. I had the opportunity to see the inside of Chipp's on many occasions as a young girl. It was great to get a sweet treat and head to Franklin Park.

  3. Oh, and many years before, the Crouse family on my maternal side operated a hotel a few buildings up.