Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time and Again

The building at the corner of Union and Fifth streets in Hudson was built in the 1880s. Its construction was probably contemporary with that of the Dakota on the Upper West Side. The building at Union and Fifth streets was taking tenants in 1883. The construction of the Dakota was completed in 1884. Like the Dakota, 501 Union Street was probably an early example of an apartment building. The image below shows that the building looked like in 1893.
Over the years, 501 Union Street lost its chimneys and its brackets and cornice detail.

Today the chimneys on the building, which belongs to Galvan Partners, have been re-created, a new slate roof installed, and its upper windows are being restored. 

The exterior of the building is being returned to its original elegance, but so far no information has been made public about plans for the use of the interior.


  1. Perhaps he'll just leave it vacant as he has done over and over in fits and starts with various buildings. After all, what was it that Tom Swope said of Mr. Galloway?...He is a collector of buildings.

    The community of Hudson is not an art gallery, and collecting historic buildings in Hudson, and then doing nothing with them is an assault on the community.

    It is encouraging to see SOME work being done to a small percentage of the buildings owned by Eric Galloway/Henry Van Ameringen/Gavlvan Properties/Galvan Intiatives. Whether they are ever completed and tenants actually move in, remains to be seen. Whether they remain on the tax roll or they go off the roll as "non-profit" is even a bigger question that no one on that side has talked about recently.

    Maybe Rick Scalera has the answers?

  2. This building is enjoying a sweet renovation so far!

    Interesting though, when asked why nothing had been done to the corner of 5th and Warren (our alleged grocery store) there was immediate demolition for a couple days. Now its been left as more of a mess than before in the center of our community.

    Nice caring move on their behalf - NOT.

  3. Time and Again. Now I get it. That photo was used in the book, Time and Again.