Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Comes to Hudson

More than a week ago, we shared the century-old truism attributed to the Rev. Dr. Henry Van Dyke that "the first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another." Feeling that today might finally be the latter, William and I headed up to Promenade Hill on our second walk of the morning. DPW superintendent Rob Perry had reported on Wednesday that the crew had done their "biannual cutting" of the slope, and we wanted to check it out.

As the picture bears witnesses, the renegade foliage on the slope has been sheared so that it will not obscure the view.

It was our good luck to arrive at Promenade Hill this morning just as members of the Youth Department staff were hiding the eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Since we were there, I decided to snap some pictures of the eggs in their hiding places.

William and I left before the Easter egg hunt began. In spite of the fact that William is probably the oldest and certainly the gentlest dog in Hudson, small children are often--because of his size and his habit of showing his teeth when he smiles--afraid of him, and we didn't want to diminish in any way the thrill (and the fun) of the hunt.        

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