Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scenes from a Marriage Equality Rally

Although it was announced that Mayor William Hallenbeck would speak at the rally for marriage equality on Tuesday night, Hallenbeck was a no-show. Common Council president Don Moore, however, did appear to say that he had enjoyed decades of married life and did not wish to see the opportunity for that denied to anyone.

Of all the comments made at the rally, perhaps the most memorable were made by Justin Weaver (a.k.a. Girlgantua), who told the group that he had grown up in Hudson and had to leave here to find himself but leaving Hudson might not have been necessary if Hudson had been then what he finds here now--a diverse, loving, and supportive community.

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  1. Given that it is Holy Week, and that the mayor is a practicing communicant at St. Mary's Church (Hudson's venue for Holy Trinity Roman Catholic parish covering Hudson, Germantown and Livingston), his "no-show" may be placed in context. We all know that gay marriage contradicts the tenets of the Church of Rome, Orthodox Christianity, many Protestant branches, Islam and various Orthodox Jewish sects.

    I believe the mayor has shown strong support for Hudson's LGBT community as demonstrated by his actions over the last two years, e.g., attendance at Hudson Pride, presiding over a gay marriage at Helsinki and various statements he has made.

    Let's hope the Supreme Court does its job and gets this issue right by insuring equal protection under the law for all Americans, regardless of who they choose to marry.