Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mayberg on Mendolia Resignation

As Gossips reported three days ago, Victor Mendolia has resigned as chair of the Hudson City Democratic Committee and as first vice-chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee. Earlier this week, Mendolia was interviewed by Nathan Mayberg of the Register-Star, and today Mayberg's report from that interview appears online: "Democratic chair resigns post." The article touches on many subjects--Mendolia's future plans, the state budget, the Galvan Foundation, Rick Scalera, Mayor William Hallenbeck, the weighted vote, charter reform--and provides more evidence that a Register-Star reporter cannot write an article that deals in any way with Hudson politics without including a quote from Rick Scalera.   


  1. Victor's done a great job for the Democratic party in Hudson and will be sorely missed. He leaves behind him a vastly more united and more organized group than his predecessor. He accomplished a whole lot more during his tenure than his critics on the left or on the right ever could or, indeed, ever did. Bravo and best wishes in your next endeavor, Victor.

  2. Contrary to the claims of a lawyer who serves on the council, it's not an either/or between the weighted vote and redistricting.

    The next time we learn that something is "against state law," we should demand chapter and verse.

    If the council can be wrong about what is legal, then I want to see a citation the next time the opposite claim is made merely to stifle debate.

  3. Bravo and successful journey to Victor. Dan Renehan says it all!