Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Story Continues

At their meeting on Tuesday, the Common Council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to "take such actions as necessary to evict or otherwise remove all tenants currently residing at 405 Warren Street." The resolution states that a judgment of the Columbia County Court on July 30, 2012, conveyed "full and complete title of the property" to the City of Hudson, and the deed conveying title was recorded at the county clerk's office on August 13, 2012. 

The City of Hudson is foreclosing on the building for nonpayment of property tax. The Register-Star reported that approximately $78,200 in back taxes is owed on the property.

Gossips was recently informed, by someone with knowledge of the situation, that the owner of the building intends to file or has filed an appeal of the court decision that awarded title to the City. It seems the owner is maintaining that the building belongs not to him but to his church, and, as church property, it is exempt from property taxes.


  1. Hopefully there will be no inside deal and this building will be made publicly available if the present owner is forced to give it up.