Wednesday, March 27, 2013

News from HDC

At a lunchtime meeting today, the Hudson Development Corporation Board of Directors named two new members: Christine Jones, co-owner of the Red Barn in Ghent, who is a regular vendor at the Hudson Farmers' Market and a mentor in the Hudson Reads program at HCSD; and Duncan Calhoun, co-owner of The Croff House Bed & Breakfast and the soon-to-open hotel, The Barlow.

In addition to the two new members, the HDC Board is made up of four elected officials--the mayor and the Common Council president, majority leader, and minority leader-- and four representatives from the community: Perry Lasher, vice president of commercial lending at The Bank of Greene County; Victor Mendolia, vice chair of the Hudson City Democratic Committee; Seth Rapport, attorney and mortgage broker; and Lori Selden, co-owner of Mexican Radio.


  1. Replies
    1. I welcome the new additions, and I wish them luck.

      But being a student of human nature, I see a secretive future ahead for them.

      In my book, the HDC gets very low marks for public relations.

      I'm still waiting for a follow-up from a complaint I made last summer.

      Since residents were not to be honored with a public correction, I'd still like an explanation as to why HDC members were incorrectly pronouncing on what the new zoning and the future consistency review laws would allow at the old Kaz warehouse building. Who signed off on these ignorant pronouncements, if anyone, and what will the HDC do in future to keep its members within reasonable bounds?

      Let's hope that these new non-political members will keep the public's interests at heart, which means resisting the inevitable social pressure to knuckle under. Good luck!