Saturday, March 23, 2013

Grandinetti Grandstanding?

Last Saturday night, Dan Grandinetti addressed a forum organized by the Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center forum and criticized government agencies and educational institutions for not employing African Americans. "I'm not sure Columbia County heard about the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s," said Grandinetti. Today, John Mason reports the responses to Grandinetti's claims in the Register-Star: "Racial mix in county jobs at issue."


  1. Columbia County:

    Employees:733 Full-time Employees (Breakdown based on # Blacks)
    1 Public Works
    2 Mental Health
    2 Office of Aging
    26 Pine Haven (note cna,lpn,rn)

    310 Part-time Employees
    1 BOE
    1 County Clerk/DMV
    13 Pine Haven

    City of Hudson:

    Employees:69 Full-time Employees (Breakdown based on #Blacks)
    5 Police Department
    2 DPW/Sewer

    29 Part-time Employees
    3 Police Department
    3 Youth Department

  2. So does this beg the question(s)?... For every job opening, how many applied, what was the age of the applicant, what was their ethnicity, what was their age, where is their residency, where did they obtain their education, how many applied for the job, why were they not chosen, what were the reasons... if the intent is to show prejudice there's no justice in showing who by ethnicity is currently employed, it's showing why and reasons supporting this.

    If the City of Hudson is being accused of not hiring individuals because of bias, it is very helpful for those accusing this to show evidence. If this is true, then we all need to support change.

  3. Much agreed, Chad. One must ask rational questions before drawing any conclusions. Then if there's a real problem, it must be addressed. But too often such issues become prey to demagogues - good for the demagogues but no one else. The resulting cynicism perpetuates the status quo which keeps us frozen right where we are, forever wondering what's true.