Friday, March 22, 2013

How Reassuring

Nathan Mayberg reports today in the Register-Star that the Columbia County Board of Supervisors rejected a proposed new ethics law which would have required supervisors and some county employees to reveal more about their personal finances and business interests: "Proposed new ethics law defeated by slight margin." A total of 1,768 votes were required to pass the new law; 1,761 weighted votes were cast in favor of adopting the new law. 

Among the supervisors voting against adopting the new ethics law was Supervisor Michael Benson (New Lebanon), the president of BCI Construction, who reportedly "called the financial disclosure questions part of the 'most invasive form I've ever seen.'" Of interest but of no particular relevance, the City of Hudson was involved in a contract dispute with BCI Construction last year over payments for the construction of the City's new waste water treatment plant.

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