Sunday, June 26, 2016

An Unveiling on Warren Street

Usually, with architecture, what was meant to be is simply better.

Over the weekend, the awning was removed from 751 Warren Street to reveal a wonderful Art Deco eyebrow with stainless steel banding.

Photos courtesy John M. Schobel


  1. I watching the awning come down and was delighted with what was revealed. Let’s hope they leave it.

  2. What's going into 751 ... why the change?

    1. The owner of the building came before the Historic Preservation Commission in April 2015. I don't remember the removal of the awning being mentioned, but the facade was being altered to introduce more doorways because the Social Security office would no longer be occupying the entire space. Valley Mortgage is now located there, in the left half of the front of the building, and I believe that there is a center door leading to offices in the interior of the building.

  3. i spent a lot of time in Miami Beach, it will need some pink, and neon, and a liquor license, perfect fit for Warren St.

  4. I do believe the facade with the awning was original to the former First National Grocery store.
    Just a short note that the major Hudson City food markets included two Grand Unions, The First National and an A&P.
    Most lasted into the 1970's.

  5. Beautiful , the owners must be thrilled !