Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Of Great Interest

The Greenport Planning Board meets tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Greenport Town Hall. On the agenda is the proposed haul road from the Colarusso facility on Newman Road to the waterfront in Hudson.

The recently widened and surfaced haul road going east from Route 9G through an area of Hudson zoned R-C, Recreational Conservation. The work was done without the required site plan review by the City of Hudson Planning Board.


  1. just lay back and let-em mow over ya'll
    it's a good thing, industry on the river
    I kinda like a little dust on my picnic

    1. You said it, Maw.

      It's been a mere 4.5 years since the City changed its zoning to the much ballyhooed "LWRP zoning," designed for us by the NYS Department of State to specifically set limits on the rate of expansion of the mining industry.

      It was arduous, but we passed Local Laws to prevent being mowed over, as you put it, and already no one remembers what, why, or how. (Recently I spoke with an ex-Alderman from that period who obviously, and incredibly, remembered nothing about any of it.)

      Many weeks ago, in reply to my outrage that the project sponsor made the untrue claim on a State document that the proposal was consistent with Hudson's Zoning Code, Mayor Hamilton assured me that the EAF document "obviously" had to be changed.

      But when we finally saw the "amended EAF" last night, the document submitted to Greenport showed no change to the State's zoning question. Why not? Why is the City behaving so listlessly?

      Last night, and partly on the basis of the amended EAF, Greenport accepted the application for the proposal as complete.

      To my thinking, especially because the nature of the needed changes were so easy to point out, Hudson missed an opportunity to protect residents due to official negligence. The applicant made changes easily enough for Greenport's satisfaction; did Hudson even try to communicate the actual Zoning Code?

      What in hell is going on here?

      If the mayor changed her mind or decided it was someone else's job, then this should be explained to us.

      Meanwhile, the Greenport Planning Board doesn't want to hear from the public until the official Public Hearing. Customarily, the Hearing occurs shortly before the rubber stamp makes its first appearance.

      Well, you said it Maw.

  2. Its been a while since Hudson had a proper direct action, human chain type sit-in. Actually, its probably never had one. Maybe this project provides a perfect opportunity to test its efficacy.