Friday, June 17, 2016

Keeping Tabs on the Lodging Tax

This morning, WAMC reported that, although the NYS Legislature had intended to adjourn yesterday, it would stay in session for one more day. The bill authorizing Hudson's lodging tax was approved in the Assembly on June 14, but, with only hours left in this legislative session, there was no news of the status of the bill in the Senate. 

The NYS Assembly website and the NYS Senate website both indicate that the Senate bill (S07790) was still in committee. So, Gossips called Senator Kathy Marchione's office to see if they could tell me more and was told that the bill had not yet been committed to the floor for a vote. The person I spoke with assured me that they were "trying very hard" to get the bill voted on before the end of the session--or other words, by the end of the day today. If it doesn't make it to the Senate floor today, it will be taken up in the next session, and if that happens, it will have to be approved again in the Assembly.


  1. Thanks for keeping tabs on this Carole. It has been a struggle to do that, hasn't it?

  2. In other news, the legislative session did not end yesterday, as it was supposed to. They are still going at it today. So the game is not quite over yet. :)