Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Dog Days of Early Summer

Joey wants everyone to know that today is the first day of Pet Appreciation Week. He's looking forward to a little extra indulgence in the days ahead and thinks other pets should, too. Later in the month, June 20 through 24 is Take Your Dog to Work Week. Joey knows all about work, because he is his human's constant work companion.

There are two more special days for Joey coming up in June. June 11 is Take Your Dog Out of Town for the Night Day, made necessary by the Flag Day fireworks extravaganza. (When the fireworks are right in your backyard, a ThunderShirt just isn't enough.) June 19 is Joey's Moving Up Day. His records indicate that he was surrendered to a shelter in Brooklyn on June 19, 2014. His age was given as five. We've designated that day, June 19, as the day he officially becomes a year older. On his moving up day this year, Joey will be seven.

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  1. I sympathize with Joey: those fireworks rattle me, too. Do they make ThunderShirts for humans?