Sunday, June 26, 2016

Damning with Faint Praise . . . and Typos

On Thursday night, the Best of Columbia County Awards were announced in a ceremony outside the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce at 1 North Front Street. The next day, the Register-Star ran an article about the event: "Columbia County honors its best." Of the more than eight-five recipients, the article mentions only five, three of which are from Hudson: Girlgantua, a.k.a. Justin Weaver, won for Best Entertainer; Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton won for Best Elected Official; and Warren Street won for Best Place to See a Celebrity. 

If you are curious to know who--in Hudson and throughout the county--won in the other eighty or so categories, you can review the entire list here. Baba Louie's Sourdough Pizza won in two categories: Dine with Kids, a distinction that doesn't necessarily recommend it to those who dine without kids, and Slice of Pizza, which is curious since Baba Louie's does not serve pizza by the slice. But most unfortunate for our beloved Baba Louie's is the typo in the name that appears in the list--twice.


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  1. The Register? Making typos?? I don't believe it. Just be grateful they didn't include an "e" at the end of "sourdouch". Sorry, I couldn't resist,