Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Open Garden Day Tomorrow

The Garden Conservancy, whose mission is to save and share outstanding American gardens, is having another Open Day this weekend, and four Columbia County gardens and one nearby in Dutchess County are featured. Peter Bevacqua, whose garden was part of an Open Day earlier this month, wrote this about the gardens that will be open for viewing tomorrow.
This Saturday, Mark McDonald and Dwayne Resnick open their new garden in Hillsdale for the FIRST TIME. Those of us who remember their fabled terraced garden on the Klein Kill, in Linlithco, will be lining up to see what they’re doing at this totally different but I know equally inspired garden at “Texas Hill.” Another FIRST is “The Happy,” the modernist garden of Tim Legg and Doug Wingo on Mt. Merino. Beautifully designed, their unique pairings of plants and the thought provoking way they’ve approached garden functionality will certainly put a smile on your face.
Then there is Helen Bodin’s beautiful garden in Millerton, home to many rare and unusual plants. Her naturalistic rock garden is a must for any garden enthusiast. The indefatigable gardener, cook, and blogger, Kevin Lee Jacobs has his garden open in Valatie. Perhaps he’ll tell you who his “favorite boxwood barber” is. If so, let me know! And lastly, in Craryville, is “Rabbit Hill,” the garden of Susan Anthony and the late Richard Galef. When Alexis Datta, retired head gardener of Sissinghurt Castle saw this garden she told us that she has rarely seen a garden with such amazing plants, grown so well, and in such inspiring combinations. Praise doesn’t come any higher than that!
"The Happy," Tim Legg and Doug Wingo's garden on Mt. Meriino
The gardens are open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Admission at each garden is $7. Visit the Garden Conservancy website for more information.

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