Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Ear to the Ground

A reader shared this story with me this morning. I retell it here, not as an indictment but as a kind of cautionary tale about the uncharted waters we are entering as a community when the schools reopen in a couple of weeks.

It seems that children who will be starting kindergarten this year in the Hudson City School District were offered a two-week school experience to preview what happens at school and acclimate them to the idea of going to school. That "quick start" program took place over the past two weeks. The class size was small. It was reported there were fewer than ten children in the classroom, in an otherwise empty school building.

Yesterday, the parents of the children who attended the two-week program were contacted by HCSD and informed that a child in the class had tested positive for COVID-19. As a consequence, all the other children in the program have to quarantine, along with their parents and siblings.

Rebuttal: This morning, Thursday, August 26, Gossips received an email from another reader questioning the veracity of the above report. There was more than one group in the kindergarten prep program. The reader who contacted me this morning, reporting the experience of an HCSD teacher whose child attended the program, albeit in a different group, asserted that this never happened. If it had, she (the mother who is an HCSD teacher) would have been notified, and she was not. 


  1. Very unsettling on the kindergarten covid issue.was the HCSD advised?

  2. I'll leave it up to Gossips and other reporters to sort out "the facts" here, but I will repeat a concern I've had for many months -- and probably voiced before -- and that is that the County Health Department does not tell people who the person is that was diagnosed with Covid and is causing the quarantine. It's not a perfect analogy I know, but this would be the equivalent in criminal law of NOT being told who your accuser is. Being quarantined is the equivalent of house arrest. People can't work. It's quite upsetting and yet the Health Department won't tell you where you were supposedly exposed to the virus, let alone by whom. It's an enormous amount of power being wielded by the Health Dept. --peter meyer

  3. Good Morning Carole,

    I'm wondering why the Hudson City School District, who/which certainly reads this blog, hasn't cleared this issue up.

    You are certainly accessible to everyone, and certainly accessible to HCSD Leadership, whether those leaders are on the payroll, or sit on the school board.

    So before the "regular" school year starts, don't parents and taxpayers deserve to officially hear which version is true?


  4. So I guess that's the answer from Maria Suttmeier and Co.: silence. So that's what parents can expect from the school district: absolutely no response on any tough issue.

    But then, she knows that parents who have the text messages from the CDC and the phone calls from the school district and the Department of Health can't be questioned for their veracity.

    In the middle of a pandemic that has now turned its' sights on children.