Monday, November 15, 2021

Wondering About Hudson Connects

The last time we heard anything about Hudson Connects, the project that is getting the lion's share of the City's DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) funds, was on September 22, when the folks from Arterial held their Public Workshop 2. Gossips reported at length about that workshop at the time: "The Streets of Hudson." Since then, the website meant to keep people informed about the project,, which for several months was merely a landing page, was gone live. Exactly when that happened is not known. The website promises to let you see the presentation from that September workshop, but when you click to download a pdf of that presentation, what you actually get is a pdf of the presentation made to the Common Council on December 15, 2020. Check it out by clicking here

At the September workshop, it was said that Arterial would make another presentation to the Historic Preservation Commission in October. That didn't happen. On Friday, the HPC has its second meeting for November, and there's no word that Arterial will be presenting. In September, David Lustberg of Arterial said they anticipated presenting their final plans to the Common Council in December, and the goal was to begin construction in Spring 2022.


  1. I wonder how much they have been paid so far... I talked to one guy from Arterial many months ago about an issue with the curb extensions and he seemed a bit clueless. NYC company, I believe. Let's see how much of the DRI money our city hall can squander. B Huston

  2. They sound clueless or totally disinterested. I too would like to know how much money had been spent on them so far. And I didn't like what plans I did see.