Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Endorsed Democrats Withstand Challenges

All the candidates that the Hudson City Democratic Committee wanted on the Democratic line will appear on the Democratic line in November after Tuesday's Democratic primary. 

Nick Haddad withstood the challenge from Linda Mussmann in the "opportunity to ballot" write-in primary, receiving two votes for every one cast for Mussmann. The numbers--still unofficial--being reported by the Board of Elections tonight are Haddad 319, Mussmann 157, with an estimated 80 absentee ballots yet to be counted. It seems the only ward Mussmann carried was the Second Ward, and even that was by a slim margin. 

The victories were even more dramatic in the ward races. In the First Ward, Sarah Sterling defeated John Musall 74 to 19 to be the Democratic candidate for supervisor, and David Marston and Larissa Thomas received 77 and 76 votes respectively to beat out Geeta Cheddie, who received 24 votes, to be the Democratic candidates for alderman. 

In the Third Ward, Ellen Thurston won by a landslide, defeating her challenger for the Democratic line as supervisor, Glenn Martin, 94 to 16.

Musall, Cheddie, and Martin have all been endorsed by the Republicans, so it will be deja vu all over again for Sterling, Marston, Thomas, and Thurston in November, when all the voters--not just the Democrats--turn out at the polls. Only Haddad will have a different opponent in November: Republican candidate William Hallenbeck.   


  1. A full table of ward-by-ward results, reported by observers of the BOE count, can be found at:


  2. Carole,

    Thank you for your report. As opposed to the WGXC website and particularly, Tom Roe's Comments on Facebook. Yours are the only correct data out there. The final Board of Elections results will bear this out. Thank you for you diligence in bringing the truth to the voters.

    Victor Mendolia
    Hudson City Democratic Committee.

  3. With 319 votes for Nick + 157 votes for Linda + 80 absentee votes = total of 556 interested / concerned citizens who actually voted ?

    Guess I'm amazed at the small numbers who actually show up in this town!

  4. Vincent it's a primary and very few eligible voters turn out for these types of races historically. However, the 556 number is not dispositive of the size of the turn-out: that's just the number of Democrats who voted in the mayoral race; lots of Republicans and Independence and Conservative votes came out as well to vote in their parties' races. And some Dems voted for supervisor/council races but left the mayoral line blank. All in all, Hudson came out in force yesterday -- the Dems most of all -- and Nick's victory is a mandate that only candidates with actual platforms, with actual ideas, with actual experience in implementing ideas need apply.