Thursday, September 29, 2011

Must Love Dogs

First Ward Alderman Sarah Sterling told Gossips yesterday that Mayor Richard Scalera had suggested a piece of city-owned property that could be used for a dog park. Sterling asked Gossips not to reveal the location, so without naming the site, Gossips reports what DPW Superintendent Rob Perry said at last night's Public Works Committee meeting when Sterling mentioned it to him: "It's a dump! The street cleaner dumps there. When there's a water or sewer break, that's where the stuff gets dumped. Snow gets dumped there."   

Does it sound like our mayor ever had a dog?


  1. Some of us have noticed - and reported to DEC enforcement - that the street cleaner has been dumping in the R&S parking lot, south of the Basilica.

    That's in the wetlands "check zone," which, whether it's acceptable or not to dog lovers, is already owned by R&S.

  2. DPW has been dumping behind St. Marys Church for some time. If THIS is the area the Mayor suggested then he's just being mean and cruel!