Friday, September 30, 2011

Musall Leaves Democratic Party

First Ward Supervisor John Musall, who is running for reelection on the Republican line, has split from the Democratic Party, and it's hardly an amicable separation. Yesterday, Musall changed his registration from Democrat to NOP (no official party) and sent an email to the Register-Star alleging that the Hudson Democratic leadership had "employed the most malicious and vengeful tactics to undermine my position and my constituents' trust with innuendo and slander." W. T. Eckert tells the whole story: "First-ward supervisor drops 'D' after name."


  1. He was a Democrat?! I always thought he was a Republican due to his voting record as a supervisor. Honestly -- I read the story in this morning's R-S and thought it was a bad case of copy editing.

  2. This is a desperate last ditch effort by Mr Musall to hold onto his seat. The real story is that the Hudson Democrats have hardly mentioned his name in the last year and a half, as he became more and more inconsequential. He has voted over and over against the interests of Hudson and of his constituents and they know it. He could only muster 19 voters, in the Democratic primary. 19!!!
    So now he will be running in the general election on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines, which is where he belongs.

    Victor Mendolia