Friday, September 9, 2011


Apparently the rumor Gossips reported on Wednesday about Eric Galloway buying the Armory is true, because today we hear that he's offering it--or a portion of it--to the Hudson Area Library. The Register-Star has the story: "Library officers now mulling move to Armory."

The Galvan Foundation is offering the library board a thirty-year lease on a portion of the Armory for a dollar a month in rent. It is anticipated that it will take a year to ready the Armory for the library to move in, so in the meantime, they will remain at 400 State Street, which Galloway will soon own, paying a dollar a month for that privilege. The deal, which has been worked out in principle between Eric Galloway and Henry van Ameringen and library president and vice president Theresa Parsons and Mark Orton, will be presented to the library board of trustees for approval at their next meeting on Wednesday, September 14.

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