Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Clear and Present Danger of Demolition

The City of Hudson, in the persons of Mayor Richard Scalera and Code Enforcement Officer Peter Wurster, want to demolish this building on the corner of Columbia and Third streets. The building was at one time the Colored Citizens Club and has since 2003 been owned by Kim Singletary's Overcomers Ministries. The code enforcement office has given Singletary until September 30 to produce a plan and a signed contract for structural stabilization or until October 7 to demolish the building. Failing that, the City will demolish 255-257 Columbia Street. Tom Casey has the story in the Register-Star: "Former CC Club 'unsafe,' facing demolition."  

The article quotes Fourth Ward Supervisor Bill Hughes reminiscing about the building's former function as a community center. "The men came about and they formed the club and working with the city, they built it for the community. For the younger generation the building might not mean as much--it was a diminishing building that was beyond repair. For people in my generation that building represents where we had community events." In spite of his fond memories, Hughes last year included 255-257 Columbia Street in a list of buildings he deemed "demolishable" to make way for replacement buildings for Bliss Towers.   


  1. "Demolishable" like the sad loss on Robinson Street - for a bigger yard . I don't get Mr. Hughs credentials to make such drastic claims - erasing structures with a wave of his hand. Anything can be fixed if you really want to,

    Then there's the Reverand Singletary who scored this building virtually for free from a tax give-a-way while posing as Hudsons assessor. Didn't Eric Galloways men roof this building for her for free ?

    What webs are woven in this town in broad daylight with only concern for personal advantage . Ethics anyone ?

  2. The CC Club holds wonderful memories for me. I attended my first wedding and reception as a kid there. So much dancing. I remember the light blue sweatshirt with red lettering my Grandfather gave to me. All of his grandkids wore this sweatshirt with pride. It said "CC Club" with a tribute to a song of old "Ain't nothing stopping us now. We're on the move." To sitting on my Grandfather's lap with his smile. My favorite picture of him in the CC Club is him smiling with his straw hat and Hawaiian shirt, just relaxing. This was our spot, a family hangout where neighbors connected. This is what I will remember. It's not just a building, but the soul and ambitious spirit of families, and the sense of community woven throughout the walls.

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