Friday, September 2, 2011

Housing in Hudson

A reader brought these interesting statistics from the 2010 census to Gossips' attention: 83.4 percent of the housing units in Hudson are occupied; 16.6 percent are vacant. The percentage of vacant housing for the entire country is 11.4 percent.

Since the city's population decreased by 10.8 percent between 2000 and 2010--from 7,524 to 6,713--it's easy to think that the high rate of vacant housing units is a consequence of the diminishing population, but perhaps the cause-and-effect relationship is the other way around. There are many buildings in Hudson that are being warehoused, and large percentage of them--both single-family homes and multiple-family dwellings--belong to Eric Galloway and Galvan Partners. Among Galloway's holdings are the only two buildings in Hudson that were actually built to be apartment houses--the Brousseau Building at Warren and Second streets and "Apartments of Distinction" at Union and Fifth streets--both of which have been vacant for several years.


  1. How many apartments are in those buildings? 6 or 8 or more apiece? I should think there is a demand for apartments now - I hear of people looking for space all the time.

  2. Jennifer--The Brousseau was designed to have six apartments--two on each of the three floors. I don't know how many Apartments of Distinctions was intended to have. Maybe eight--two on each floor.

  3. It's too bad, especially that building on Warren, such a visible location, makes the first impression entry into town look pretty grim. If they don't want to fix it up they should sell it to someone who does.

  4. Dear Carole,

    Is the detailed 2010 census data now available? Do you have a URL?

    -- Jock Spivy

  5. I don't know, Jock. A reader clued me in to this information, which is, as you know if you clicked on the link, available at

    Trust me, as soon as I know where we can get detailed census information--income, level of education, all that good stuff--Gossips will provide the link.