Friday, September 23, 2011

Old House Tour Next Weekend

On Saturday, October 1, Historic Hudson presents its sixth annual Old House Tour. This year's tour focuses on the part of Hudson below Third Street and closest to the river, where Hudson's oldest houses are found. The seven houses on the tour, as well as the house that is the setting for the benefit reception that concludes the event, were all built during Hudson's first half century--from 1785 to 1835--when our "seaport far from the sea" was a bustling and prosperous maritime center. 

Although at least one of the houses on the tour could be featured in Architectural Digest and was featured in Rural Intelligence, this year's tour appeals more to serious lovers of old houses than to aficionados of decor. Two of the houses on the tour are works in progress, fascinating to people who appreciate historic house construction and meticulous and sensitive restoration work. 

These are the houses of Hudson's earliest history and of its future. As Historic Hudson's invitation to the event explains: "All of the houses on the tour are associated in some way with the original Proprietors, whose determination and enterprise created Hudson. This year's tour celebrates the achievement of those original Proprietors but also celebrates the more recent inhabitants of these houses, the new Proprietors. Their energy, ingenuity, and passion for historic architecture are creating a new Hudson."

Laban Paddock House
Aaron C. Macy House
Jared Coffin House
Cyrus Curtiss House        Photo credit: Sam Pratt
Hollenbeck-Fosdick House--Interior

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  1. The image attributed to me above preceded Curtiss House's acquisition by its current owners. (Note, for example, the difference in the cupola and the hedges.) The Formans have done a terrific job with it, and it was a relief to sell the place to buyers who appreciate its history.